Refurbished Ambulance
Fire Chief Keith Grzadziel discusses the newly rechassied ambulance with Trustee Patricia Higginson.

One of the Bridgeview Fire Department’s ambulances has been refurbished, with its old chassis being replaced with a completely new one. Remounting the ambulance to a new chassis can cost up to 40% less than purchasing a new ambulance, making it a cost-effective way to extend the life of an ambulance and ensure that it can continue to provide vital services to the community. 

Fire Chief Keith Grzadziel showed the ambulance to Trustee Patricia Higginson and elaborated on the remounting process. “Replacing the chassis and other parts of the ambulance in need of repair allows us to ensure the ambulance meets all safety and performance standards along with any other customization needs.” 

“It’s important to keep our fleet of emergency vehicles in proper working condition,” explains Trustee Patricia Higginson. “Investing in routinely refurbishing and updating Fire Department vehicles is one part of the process of maintaining the Village’s emergency preparedness.”