Fire Chief Keith Grzadziel (left) and Trustee Patricia Higginson (center) congratulate Battalion Chief Mark Toczek (right) after his swearing-in.

At the Village Board meeting on January 17th, Bridgeview Fire Lieutenant Mark Toczek was officially sworn in as Battalion Chief. Battalion Chief Toczek has served as a Bridgeview firefighter for more than two decades and has shown his dedication to his community and to the Village. 

Fire Chief Keith Grzadziel said he is confident in Battalion Chief Toczek’s abilities and believes he will succeed in the leadership position. “He started here as a paramedic through Christ Hospital’s program, so we’ve known him since then. Mark is very punctual and detailed, and he bleeds Bridgeview, just like myself.”  

Trustee Patricia Higginson explained the importance of promotions like this one. “Ensuring the best and brightest lead our Fire Department helps the Department remain vigilant and ready to serve our residents. We need trusted firefighters who know our community to help keep us all safe.” 

The Village of Bridgeview Board of Trustees looks forward to seeing Battalion Chief Toczek in his new role!

Battalion Chief Toczek’s wife pins on his new badge.