Nearly a mile of new roads to be repaired in 2024.
Bridgeview Water Tower
Bridgeview’s water tower will be updated on the inside and repainted by the end of the summer, rounding out the work on the Bridgeview Water Plant infrastructure.

Mayor Landek announced that more Village streets will be redone as part of the fourth year of the Bridgeview Street Resurfacing Project that improves our infrastructure and beautifies our community. Nearly a mile of streets will be repaved, and in total, about 5.5 miles of streets, curbs, and sidewalks will have been completed since the project began in 2021. As part of the street resurfacing project, curbs are replaced, and storm sewers are repaired and replaced as necessary to maintain and improve the flood preparedness of the Village. Additional infrastructure work taking place in 2024 includes: 

  • Repainting the Bridgeview Water Tower to a brilliant blue by the end of the summer
    • This includes cleaning, repairing, and updating the inside of the tower 
  • Water flows from a Bridgeview fire hydrant.
    Flushing fire hydrants to ensure proper water flow to hydrants
    • This involves pushing water through the hydrant system to clear any sediments 
  • Leveling sidewalks as needed to keep pedestrians safe
    • This requires injecting mortar into holes drilled in the sidewalk square 
  • Smoke testing the storm sewers as required by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
    • This process identifies leaks in the sewer system for repair to reduce flooding

The 2024 projects build on the investments of 2023 and will ensure that Bridgeview’s infrastructure stays modern. 

“I’m proud of the work the Village has accomplished as well as what we have planned for 2024,” stated Mayor Landek. “Our continual investments in Bridgeview’s infrastructure keeps it up to date, making our community safe and beautiful for all who live here.”