In October 2019 when the Red Stars renewed their agreement with the Village for the use of Bridgeview Stadium, they signed a contract in which they expressly agreed that the Village had the right to host concurrent events at the facility.  


Indeed, over the past decade virtually all professional teams that played at the Stadium, including the Fire, the Hounds, and the Red Stars themselves — have moved games or worked successfully with the Village to hold concurrent events without issues.


The Red Stars were informed of the possibility of the need to move their September 21 match due to Riot Fest in April 2024. As soon as discussions with Riot Fest were completed, the Red Stars were provided with written notice of the Village’s exercise of its right under its agreement with the Red Stars.   


In that notice, the Village stated that it and the Stadium Manager would work “in good faith” to address questions or concerns the Red Stars might have as to the concurrent event. The Red Stars failed to respond.  


The Village’s decision to schedule Riot Fest had nothing to do with gender.  As stated, the Village has held concurrent events at the Stadium during games for the Fire, the Hounds, and the Red Stars in the past.  The Village’s decision was strictly based on maximizing revenues from the Stadium for the Village taxpayers.


The Village supports the Red Stars and looks forward to working with them to make sure that any concerns they have about sharing with Riot Fest a portion of the surrounding area around the Stadium are addressed and that Red Stars fans have the usual optimal fan experience on September 21, 2024, or whatever day they choose to play the game.


Ray Hanania
Village spokesman

312-933-9855 cell

[email protected]