Bridgeview seniors are overjoyed with the month’s delicious offerings from Niko’s Banquets.

Bridgeview residents 55+ gathered in the Bridgeview Community Center on Wednesday, February 21st at 11:30am for the lovely Sweetheart Luncheon hosted by the Village of Bridgeview. Delicious food and a Village board meeting kicked off the event, with the incredible Charles & Company captivating the excited audience with their live musical performance soon after. 

Red lights, valentines-themed balloons, giant stuffed bears, and various heart-shaped decorations adorned the Community Center. Seniors enjoyed a splendid spread from Niko’s featuring lasagna, mostaccioli, California mixed vegetables, baked broccoli, beef, buns, and more along with water, lemonade, and coffee refreshed at every table as needed throughout the event. Attendees with a sweet tooth could also enjoy classic chocolate or vanilla cupcakes provided for all, ensuring a delicious dessert after a hearty meal. 

The noon meeting of the Village Board was held during lunch at the 55+ event.

With seniors finishing their meals, Bridgeview Mayor Landek and the Board of Trustees began their board meeting on the stage for all to see. Each trustee provided a committee report connected to photos on a slideshow to update the public on the latest Village happenings, such as the free Lions Club Super Sunday event taking place at the Community Center on Sunday, March 10th at 12pm featuring free food and community awards. Trustees also reported on a newly purchased fire engine and refurbished ambulance, investments in Bridgeview’s infrastructure, and the upcoming 2024 Vehicle Sticker available for purchase on April 1st, among other business. As the meeting concluded, the lights dimmed while Charles & Company took the spotlight.

Charles & Company rock the house!

The energetic performance by Charles & Company brought people of all ages to the front of the stage, demonstrating the popular demand for the band’s interactive musical experience. People danced, sang, and twirled partners with vigor as they moved to the groove, and Charles himself made sure to sing and dance with everyone at the tables near the stage. His guitar playing, combined with the musical artistry of the keyboarder, drummer, and fellow guitarist wowed the crowd until the brief break for the prize giveaways. 

Ten Bridgeview residents lucky enough to have their raffle ticket numbers called walked away with elegant sweetheart-themed door decorations and gift baskets with chocolates, stuffed animals, and more. With the final prize awarded, Charles & Company took the stage once again to finish off the afternoon in style with both lively tunes and slow dancing. The Village of Bridgeview appreciates its employees, Charles & Company, and all who attended for making the Sweetheart luncheon so wonderful!

Couples enjoy a sweet slow dance after a string of fast-paced music hits.