Families rush to find eggs scattered around the park.

Bridgeview families gathered in Commissioner’s Park for a night of fun at the Park District’s Flashlight Egg Hunt on Friday, March 22nd. Park District Director Tom Landek walked around the park with a wheelbarrow full of peeps and other holiday-themed candies to provide everyone with some sugary sweetness prior to the hunt. Children with flashlights and baskets in hand lined the egg-hunting zone as the beautiful sunset faded to black. As soon as the event commenced, kids rushed to find the colorful plastic eggs scattered across the field, waving their lights all around as they searched. Excited cheers and laughter spread as families filled their baskets with the eggs hidden in the dark. 

It wasn’t long before one lucky searcher found a special golden egg that earned them a great prize—a truly gigantic peep! There were three golden eggs in total, and the Easter Bunny appeared to drop hints about the remaining golden eggs’ locations. At least one hundred people showed up for the event, and children went home with smiles on their faces after an egg-citing night of scavenging!

Lucky Golden Egg Hunter takes home a massive prize.