Children search for ducks in a sea of cotton clouds.

Over 100 Bridgeview residents gathered in the Bridgeview Park District gym on Saturday morning, March 16th to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style with fellow community members. There was more green than you’ve ever seen in the fully-shamrocked room filled with festive joy. 

The Park District served a delicious Irish-inspired breakfast complete with green pancakes, sausages, hashbrowns, and eggs. A DJ provided festive music to set the mood for the day as people happily feasted. 

As families enjoyed their meals, dancers from the Saol Academy of Irish Dance appeared and gave a spectacular performance set to Irish music. Attendees were dazzled by the speed and technique displayed by the fancy footwork of the energetic dancers. Cheers and applause roared when the music stopped and the dancers took their bows. 

After the performance, children and adults alike were encouraged to experience the giant fluffy cloud laid out on the gym floor. Hidden beneath the white puffs were rubber ducks for kids to find and exchange for prizes! Playing in the soft sky pillows left the children on cloud nine. 

Everyone then gathered for the balloon drop celebration. Attendees counted down from ten until the strings were pulled and balloons flooded the air, finishing the indoor events with joyous fanfare.  

Finally, families grabbed a treasure map and searched high and low for the leprechaun’s treasure in Commissioner’s Park, hoping to catch a lucky glimpse of any glimmering objects. Shouts of excitement soon echoed from the end of the map’s path as kids began receiving little pots of sparkly gold! 

A wholesome and engaging event filled with family fun delighted all who came looking for a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day celebration.