Excavator tears out portions of a residential curb in Bridgeview

Excavator tears out portions of a residential curb in Bridgeview.

The Village of Bridgeview made a commitment to begin resurfacing streets in 2021 and since then has made significant progress over the past three years. This year, nearly a half a mile of streets will be repaved. The list of this year’s roads to be repaved include:

  • Olympic, from 87th Street to Hartford
  • 90th Street, from Harlem Avenue to Oketo Avenue
  • 76th Street, in front of Lyle School from 78th Avenue to Sholer Avenue.

In addition to the roads and curbs being replaced, the storm sewers will also be reviewed and repaired as necessary to maintain and improve the flood preparedness of the Village. 

The Bridgeview Street Resurfacing Project is vital to enhancing the infrastructure of the Village and ensuring that roads and sidewalks are safe and beautiful for many years to come. The years of work put into the project has resulted in a total of nearly 4 miles of streets, curbs, and sidewalks completed. This investment will continue to keep our home values strong and our Village attractive.