Bridgeview Water Tower

At the September 20th Board Meeting, the Village of Bridgeview Public Works Committee Chairperson, Trustee Gary Lewis, asked the board for a motion to accept a $750,000 contract to repair and restore the Bridgeview Water Tower. “Our civil engineer estimated the cost of this project was going to be about 1.5 million dollars and the best bid we received is half that number,” said Trustee Lewis. The Board of Trustees was quick to motion and approve the contract, marking the beginning of the end of a multi-year multi-million dollar investment in Bridgeview’s drinking water system.

The bid to repair the water tower includes a cleaning, repairing, and resurfacing of the interior of the water tower, removal and reinstallation of the affixed cell phone relays, and the complete cleaning and repainting of the tower’s exterior.

“As of today we have made the necessary repairs and repainted our ground level water tank, we have repaired and resurfaced our underground water tank, updated our technology that monitors all three of our tanks, and repainted the fence surrounding our water plant facility. Over the last few years we have invested millions to ensure that Bridgeview water will be safe and secure for decades to come, and we are now in the home stretch of finishing that project. Getting over the finish line while saving tens of thousands of dollars is very satisfying,” remarked Mayor Landek.

The Water Tower is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. This final step, in combination with the removal of 100% of lead pipes in Bridgeview completed earlier this year, affirms the Village’s commitment to ensuring Bridgeview’s water infrastructure supports the storage and transit of clean, safe drinking water for the entire community.