The life-saving sprinklers display in the foyer of Village Hall.

If you walk through the main hallway of Bridgeview’s Village Hall you’ll come across a red display of 21 fire sprinklers each with the location and date of the fire they helped extinguish.

These sprinklers have put out flames everywhere from a senior living facility to a strip mall to a factory. Ending blazes before they begin throughout Bridgeview’s residential, commercial, and industrial properties is the job of fire prevention technology, and these sprinklers have proven their effectiveness by saving Bridgeview lives and money.

They may not look like much, but sprinklers have been safeguarding our businesses and residents alike from fires from 1997 through the present. The next time you eat a donut or drive past a factory in Bridgeview, think of the sprinklers that made your daily activities significantly safer and a lot less hot.