Assessor Hynes assists residents with specific questions regarding their property tax appeal.

The rising cost of property taxes is directly linked to the value of your home as determined by the Cook County Assessor’s Office. To help ensure that Bridgeview residents are able to receive fair assessments the Village of Bridgeview partnered with the Township of Lyons Assessor, Patrick Hynes, Assessor’s Office staff members, and the Township of Lyons Clerk, Elyse Hoffenberg, to provide taxpayer services and information about the Cook County Assessor’s 2023 Home Value Reassessment on Tuesday, November 7th at the Bridgeview Village Hall.

Assessor Hynes explained that the Cook County Assessor’s Office reassesses the property values of homes in the county every three years and that the Township of Lyons Assessor’s Office can submit appeals to Cook County on behalf of residents who believe their property was improperly evaluated.

Residents that attended the event filled out paperwork to submit their appeals, and Assessor Hynes assured everyone that he would work diligently to provide property tax relief for all concerned residents. “My office returned 2.5 million dollars to taxpayers last year, and we expect to return about 3 million dollars this year.”

The Assessor went on to say that the Township of Lyons Assessor’s Office advocates for taxpayers and is happy to assist any resident of the Township of Lyons that wishes to file an appeal in the hopes of reducing next year’s property tax bill. Office staff members proceeded to answer specific property tax questions from attendees throughout the night.