Unplug your space heater before sleeping and when not in use to avoid electrical fires.

Residents should keep the following tips in mind through the cold Winter months: 

  • Never use your oven for heat. 
  • Never bring charcoal or gas grills indoors (they are a carbon monoxide hazard). 
  • Make sure all portable heaters are unplugged when not in use. 
  • Use electric space heaters with extreme caution – avoid placing them near curtains or other flammable materials and turn them off before going to bed. 
  • Keep heat at adequate levels or leave faucets open with a slight drip to prevent pipes from freezing. 
  • Keep moving. Your body generates its own heat when you engage in physical activities.

When temperatures in Cook County are expected to dip to unsafe levels, the County’s Department of Emergency Management and Regional Security provides an updated list of warming centers for residents to protect themselves and their families. Residents who need to seek shelter at a warming center should contact the center first to verify availability and hours of operation. The warming center nearest to Bridgeview is the Louis S. Viverito Senior Center located at 7745 Leamington Avenue, Burbank. Its phone number is (708) 636-8850.