An S.B.C. garbage truck picking up trash at a Bridgeview home.

The Village of Bridgeview Fall Cleanup Day is just around the corner! Cleanup Day will be on Saturday, September 30th for the entire village currently serviced by SBC Waste Solutions. Be sure to plan ahead to get rid of any unwanted waste in your home, garage, yard, or other parts of your property. To participate in Bridgeview’s Fall Cleanup Day simply bring any number of garbage or bulk items to the curb before 6 A.M. on September 30th

Oil or gasoline must be drained from lawn-mowers, trimmers, or other types of machines. Refrigerators & freezers must be drained. Paint cans must be dried using sand or kitty litter before disposal. 

All non-bulk items must be bagged or boxed. For additional information please call the Bridgeview Customer Service Office at (708) 594-2525 Ext. 3. Happy Fall cleaning!