On Wednesday, November 11th Bridgeview Fire Lieutenant Mathew Duzak was joined by Paramedics and EMT’s of Bridgeview and surrounding municipalities for skills evaluations and training at Bridgeview’s Village Hall. Every year Christ Hospital conducts a series of skill evaluations, guidance and training for best practices. This latest session was led by Christ Hospital Instructor Jim Ferrara and focused on pediatric and trauma airway management. Trainings like these allow first responders to sharpen their skills and stay on the forefront emergency services innovations.

Per Illinois State Law every Paramedic is required to complete 100 hours of continuing education every 4 years. EMT’s are required to complete 60-80 hours of continuing education, depending on their certification level, every 4 years. The Village of Bridgeview is proud to host these trainings for emergency service teams in the Bridgeview area.