The Chicago Hounds have been bringing plenty of new players onto their team as they head into their second season in Major League Rugby. 2024 promises to be an exciting time for Hounds fans as veteran players supplemented by a slew of top-tier talents begin establishing themselves as a fixture of the league. This young club has energy to spare, as evinced by their bold and action-packed gameplay that many Bridgeview residents witnessed at the Hounds’ inaugural 2023 game at SeatGeek Stadium.

Building professional rugby to national prominence is no easy task, but the Hounds are committed. Last season they won two intense games against the Dallas Jackals in a rivalry match dubbed the “Dog Bowl” that left fans howling with pride. The Hounds simply refused to be outdone by their canine competitors, and they don’t plan to lose to them this year either. If the Hounds’ typical relentless practicing in the fields around the Stadium is any indication, they’re aiming to win games and leave an even bigger (bite)mark on the MLR in 2024. 


March 24, 2024

Chicago Hounds VS New England Free Jacks

March 30, 2024

Chicago Hounds VS Seattle Seawolves

April 14, 2024

Chicago Hounds VS Anthem RC

April 21, 2024

Chicago Hounds VS RFC Los Angeles

May 11, 2024

Chicago Hounds VS Old Glory DC

May 26, 2024

Chicago Hounds VS Nola Gold

June 15, 2024

Chicago Hounds VS San Diego Legion

June 29, 2024

Chicago Hounds VS Miami Sharks