Burn Notice

Nov 14, 2022


Pizzo and Associates Ltd. have been contracted by the Village of Bridgeview to perform a controlled burn within the Bridgeview Court Natural Area, 76th & Harlem within the next 45 days. Harlem Ave or Sayre Ave traffic may notice and/or experience momentary smoke from the burn. The local fire department is notified the day of the burn – no further public 911 calls are needed.

Prescribed burning is an important management tool used by natural area managers throughout the Chicago area. Non-native, less desirable plant species cannot tolerate fire while the native, more desirable native prairie wetland plant species benefit from the burn. Employees with Pizzo & Associates are trained in burning wetlands, prairies, savannahs and woodlands. If you have any concerns or an health issue that requires personal notification, please contact Pizzo and Associates at 815-495-2300 to be placed on a notification list.