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NWSL superstar Mallory Swanson is back on the pitch!

Red Stars 

Fireworks fly as the Home Opener begins!

Bridgeview residents joined the Chicago Red Stars on Saturday, March 23rd for their National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) 2024 Season Home Opener against Seattle Reign in what proved to be an exciting match between two tough teams. Nearly 5,500 people attended, making this Home Opener the largest in their club’s history!

The Red Stars offered plenty of entertaining pregame activities for children and adults alike, including playing the video game EA Sports FC 24, bean bags tossing, and a soccer ball-kicking game. Fans filing into the Stadium took pictures with Supernova the mascot, enjoyed the DJ’s music, and took in the fun activities as they prepared for the 3pm kickoff. 

The crowd roared as the fierce game began, with both teams carefully managing the ball to avoid falling behind early. Red Stars forward Mallory Swanson caught a breakaway and made a shot near the 6th minute that was barely saved by Seattle Reign’s goalie, lighting the fiery start of the real competition. Red Stars goalie Alyssa Naeher matched her counterpart with a brilliant dive to stop a shot at the 29th minute, showing the defensive capabilities of her and her team. At the end of a tenuous back-and-forth first half, Red Stars forward Julia Bianchi blasted a shot into the upper left of the goal that grazed the hands of Reign’s goalie who failed to stop the enthusiastic Chicago Red Stars from securing the first goal of the match! Red Stars fans erupted in cheers and musical praise as smoke fired out of the large red stars on the field sidelines and the team celebrated its 2024 home game goal. 

The second half saw even more action as Seattle Reign fought relentlessly to even the score. Their efforts paid off when Reign’s Ji So Yun sent a shot past Naeher’s outstretched arm and tied the game at 1-1 in the 62nd minute. The Red Stars weren’t going to let the game slip away so easily and pushed back in response. No more than five minutes later, Red Stars defender Maxi Rall seized an opportunity from a cross pass and cleanly fired the ball into the back of the net! The crowd went wild once more as the Red Stars gathered to praise each other’s work. Despite their resistance, Seattle was unable to break through the Stars’ defense. The Chicago Red Stars secured a 2-1 victory for their exciting home opener, getting back at the Reign for beating them at last season’s final home game/Bridgeview Night. The Red Stars are currently second in the NWSL with 2 wins, 0 losses, and 1 draw! 

The Chicago Hounds barrel down the field, fending off the 2023 MLR Champions!


Attendees get their faces painted before the game!

The Chicago Hounds came out swinging for their first home game of the Major League Rugby (MLR) 2024 season at SeatGeek Stadium against the New England Free Jacks. Between an entertaining pregame tailgate and a dynamic match, there was something for every fan. 

The tailgate began with delicious sandwiches created by nationally renowned Chef Art Smith of Sporty Bird who recently became a co-owner of the Chicago Hounds! The smell of tasty, freshly hot high-end food permeated the parking lot as people got their faces painted and enjoyed the live music. 

With full stomachs, fans witnessed the explosive 1pm kickoff. The Free Jacks’ Jayson Potroz scored the first try and conversion of the match to start things off 0-7 at the 17th minute, demonstrating aggressive play to gain an early lead. The Chicago Hounds replied with a push down the field that led to a yellow card against a Free Jack and a penalty try to the Hounds, evening the score and showing that they weren’t going to let their opponents walk all over them. 

Despite being down a player, the Free Jacks made a try off a midfield lineout at 37 minutes, and the Hounds entered halftime down 7-12. Free Jack Potroz then made a penalty kick for 3 points, but Chicago Hound fullback Adriaan Carelse slotted a penalty attempt for three points in return and closed the gap to 10-15 with only ten minutes remaining. Both teams made a mad dash to secure the win, and Free Jack Malakai Hala scored a try. Down but not out, Chicago Hound Mac Jones barrelled his way in for his first score of the year, and Hound Carelse made the conversion, leaving the score at a close 17-22 loss for the Hounds after an adrenaline-filled ending. The Hounds’ record currently stands at 1 win, 3 losses, and 1 draw as they look to take back momentum. 

The Village of Bridgeview appreciates everyone who came out to experience the back-to-back Bridgeview Home Opener Weekend and invites all Bridgeview residents to the upcoming May 11th Dog Day-themed Chicago Hounds game at SeatGeek Stadium! Bring your furry friends and family members to the stadium and watch the Hounds battle Old Glory DC who they previously drew this season! 

To request tickets, Bridgeview residents can scan the QR Code on this page or click this link to sign up online, call the Village of Bridgeview Customer Service Office at 708-594-2525 (ext. 3), or send an email to [email protected]. Tickets will be assigned on a first come, first served basis and will be delivered digitally to your email prior to the event.