On October 16th and 17th the Bridgeview Fire Department visited Lieb Elementary School, Bridgeview Elementary School, and Universal School to talk to children about the importance of fire safety and to show them what firefighters look like when they show up to a home.

Speaking to crowds of young students, Bridgeview fire fighting squads explained the importance of an emergency fire plan at home, why smoke detectors need their batteries replaced, and what actions people can take when a fire occurs in their home. Many students curiously asked questions about the work of firefighters and what to do in various scenarios. Firefighters happily answered questions and showed the children the tools and fire protection gear firefighters use when putting out fires. Although students don’t often want more homework, the fire squads encouraged students to talk with their parents about their family’s fire safety plan.

After the presentation some students were able to walk through a fire truck and learn more about the gear it holds. The children were able to see the firefighters up close and learn life-saving information by the end of the session.

Chief Keith Grzadziel explained why Bridgeview firefighters make sure to visit schools every year. “We believe it’s important to value public education and give kids information they otherwise wouldn’t have about firefighters and fire prevention.” The Bridgeview Fire Department appreciates the opportunity to visit schools in our community and help keep Bridgeview families safe from fires.